Our Mission

Specialty Foods of Aspen is dedicated to producing quality goods. By sourcing locally and Organically, we illustrate our commitment not only to Aspen, but also to the Northwest as well. We have concluded that the need for nutritious, quality, and wholesome food is crucial for the working class community that we live in. Unfortunately, however, there is an abundance of Diners and Fast Food establishments that do not cater to a healthy lifestyle for our community. We acknowledge that the afore-mentioned eateries may offer more affordable meals, but they simply do not consider nutrition nor do they care. Deep fried or micro waved food has next to no real value for the human body. Isn’t food that works with our body worth investing in? Or would we rather spend retirement on hospital bills in the future? Food Works for everyone.
We offer balanced, nutritional, and savory meals that never touch a deep fryer nor a micro wave. In fact, we have neither of these pieces of equipment in our facility nor in our home. Production of the majority of our final products begins here, in our kitchen at Food Works. From the fresh baked bread on our sandwiches to the Scones served at your favorite coffee house. We are determined to change the way people abuse their bodies with “junk food”. Because quite frankly, that is exactly what “fast food” is, junk. And by serving locally sourced goods, we ensure a stable economy in Aspen. Unlike Fast Food or other Restaurant “chains”, the capital investment returns to our community, not a foreign or out of State region.
Consider the options. How we choose to feed our bodies today will greatly determine our health in the future. Obviously, nutrition is not the only path to a better quality of life. All the toxins we breathe and ingest on a daily basis will affect us too. However, diet is an element we can change at any time. With a staggering number of Americans lacking Dental, Life, or Medical Insurance, the food we eat can limit the chances of having dietary complications.
Food Works today and tomorrow.